Bob, September 24, 2011



My experience at Matala was very brief in 1972. I knew of it because my sister, Elaine, had lived there in the first part of 1968. I arrived in the late afternoon and saw the caves across the beach. The other young people there told me that the caves were closed and off limits to visitors. The Life article had attracted too many people so the government closed them.


I stayed the night in what could only be called a bunk house. There was no water and only one weak light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Not the worst place I ever spent a night during my travels. There was not much good humor or good feelings there so the next morning I went on to Agia Galini up the coast.


It was disappointing to see Matala like that but I went on to discover my own places which had not yet been spoiled by the tourist surge. Today these little remote places have become huge resorts.
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