Eric, March 8 2009


The Danish boy mentioned near the end of the Life Magazine piece is Klaus Weltzer and I stayed with him in Copenhagen in September of that year. His father was Johannis Weltzer, a Danish poet of note.

I got to the caves about a week after the Life Magazine people left (1968). Got a good cave and spent a month on the beach...

My name is Eric Warren and I would love to find a few of the people that shared the time and place with me.

There was an Afghan named Habib Korgani... we called him ‘Fuji’. He had Mongol eyes... went to the University of Beirut and was on his way home. I wonder what happened to him? There was Rishpaul Singh, a med. student from the Punjab. From a family with money and he invited all of us to India.

There was Gordon ‘Buzz’ Leith just back from Viet Nam... 101st. I left with him and a guy named Jim from Indiana. We took 4 Kilos of Red Leb. to Amsterdam... nice ride. It goes on...