Suzie, june 9, 2010


Hi Elzo,

I was in Matala in 1967 - it was late in the year - probably about October. I do have photos. We had a German guy who broke his leg; two French guys Dede and Buc who played the guitar - extremely well; a German guy - I thought he was called Arni, - but I have photos of him and I think he was with his girlfriend; an American girl who had travelled with me from Athens; some English people. We had a great time. I had an injury to my foot and had to go to Heraklion and almost got raped... all part of the adventure I guess.


I will have to dig the photos out. I would love it if anyone got in touch from when I was there. I think it would be interesting to know how their lives turned out.


Kind regards, Suzie