Tarja, August, 2015


I was pleasantly surprised when I happened to find Elzo’s Matala page! Many nice memories came to mind.

May I tell you how to I got there? I was with a girlfriend Mervi at a party in Berlin and met with 3 American boys 3 just finishing their army. They told us that they were about to travel to Crete with a minibus and invited us along. It was an amazing trip and the native people of Crete were very hospitable. We were invited for instance to one house with a dirt floor to dinner and shower.

That was when I first tasted Halva. It was spring 1970.

Also Australian friend Chester, a talented artist, sold his drawings to get us food.

Got many new friends around the world  in the Matala beach even married one of them and we called our babygirl Mia ‘a Matala-Magic baby’. We lived in caves and sometimes wealthy Greeks came on a yacht to spend time with us.

I had no camera, but got hold onto some newspaper stories and got a few photos from someone. They all got dirty and wrinkled on the journey before I got back to Finland. Here a link to little dear album.


I left the beach to attend a Hair show in Athens with my ex and Philip. A Greek person named Janis came to Matala to invite us to come.

I will never forget the time on the Matala beach – that is as long as I am able to remember something.


Tarja from Finland (I was called Tira at that time)